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Lawyer Name:Sideris, George
Lawyer Type:Solicitor
Date/s of Admission/s: 03-Jul-1987
Place of Issue of Practising Certificate:New South Wales
Substance of Conduct Matter:

<p>Designated Show Cause Event Notice issued to the Solicitor under s 90 of the Legal Profession</p><p>Uniform Law (NSW) (Uniform Law) in which it was alleged, among other matters, that:</p><p>(1) The Solicitor had engaged in legal practice outside the terms of his “corporate legal</p><p>practitioner” practising certificate: s 90(a)(i) of the Uniform Law; and</p><p>(2) The Solicitor had provided legal services not permitted by, or under, the Uniform Law: s 90(a)(ii) of the Uniform Law</p>

Finding:Not a fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate
By:Council of the Law Society of New South Wales
Date: 20-Oct-2022
Disciplinary Action:
Suspension of Practising Certificate
for the year ending 30 June 2022 and continuing for the year ending 30 June 2023 until such time as the suspension is lifted or cancelled